Saturday, September 10, 2016

Black Powder ACW Fight

It has been a while since I have had a chance to drag out a bunch of my ACW collection, so Thursday night I accepted an invitation to the Baron's to dust them off and throw them into battle. Black Powder has more or less become our default ruleset for ACW and now that we have Warlord's Glory Hallelujah supplement, we have enjoyed the game all the more. Since we had a few guys that were fairly new to the BP rules, Jaye decided to evenly match the two armies (equally matched regiment sizes, weapons, and leadership). Now that most of the group has had enough experience with the rules, I think our next game we run with them will be a historical scenario (I have had my eyes on a McPherson's Ridge scenario from the Regimental Fire & Fury Scenario Book Vol. 2). These rules are relatively simple and allow for a game that flows pretty quickly. The evening would end with a Confederate victory beginning with the Iron Brigade taking a beating in the middle of the field with things to unravel for the yankees soon thereafter.