Thursday, April 18, 2013

LA Tigers

For several months I have been wanting to get to some of my prized Dixon Zouaves for a few bases worth of Louisiana Tigers.  I decided on just two after the Baron informed me that the Tigers (at least in these unis) didn't enjoy much longevity throughout the course of the Civil War.  While having a few other rank n file Rebs thrown in for good measure, the limited number of Tigers allowed me to dedicate more time to them as they wore quite unique uniforms. I'd been waiting until I had enough experience with painting before trying to tackle them..  On another note, I have been meaning to mention that in my humble opinion, the Foundry Flesh 5 triad I purchased a few months back has arguably been the wisest paint purchase I have made. I am extremely satisfied with the results these three pots have given. Enjoy.

Next up...Romans?