Tuesday, January 27, 2015

National World War I Memorial

    Today was a magnificent day to spend with my father on his birthday. Several years have passed since either of of us have visited this national treasure right here in Kansas City, Missouri. The Renault FT-17 is a nice addition since I last visited. I recall us visiting the memorial many years ago when I was a young boy (well before the new museum opened in 2006) - it's hard to believe how quickly the years pass. One of the volunteers we visited with is a 92 year-old WW2 veteran; an absolutely amazing person. I encourage anyone who has a few hours to kill to visit this incredible place.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To The Strongest - Playtest

I normally don't post an AAR on a game I don't at least help to run, but I digress. Last Thursday the Baron ran a new ruleset called To The Strongest written by Simon Miller at The Big Red Bat Cave. It looks to be geared toward ancients, however we used Jaye's War of the Roses minis and had a very good time. The mechanics worked well and play flowed nicely. Rather than measuring for fire combat and movement, the rules incorporate a grid system (Jaye came up with some tiny adhesive dots to mark the grid that blended into the mat perfectly). I can't wait to use these rules for some ancients games down the road.