Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Completed Roman Army

Well, kind of. My 15mm EIR army is at least ready for the table. I still need to add some elephant mahouts, some allied (Spanish cavalry), and some skirmishers, but for the most part they are ready for action. This has been about a 2 year work in progress as I completed the first units a few years back and got an itch to complete the project at the beginning of this year.

From the beginning I decided to base them to be used for DBA/DBM play in case I ever decide to sell them, however, now with To The Strongest by Simon Miller ( ), they will be used primarily with this fantastic ruleset. The models are a mix of mostly Corvus Belli and Old Glory with a few Xyston's thrown in for good measure (and they make a cool Pompey the Great set). All of the multiple-base units are based on magnetic bases and metal movement trays by Shogun Miniatures ( ).

On a final note, please forgive the photos, as I'm not quite the mini photog.