Monday, June 3, 2013

Corvus Belli Early Imperial Roman Archers

I recently finished up a few units of EIR archers. The lion's share of these little guys are from the Corvus Belli line.  I have purchased several packs from the CB line including legionnaires, cavalry, and ballista w/crew. I am extremely impressed with the detail and cleanliness of these models. In addition, they are very easy to pain due to nice relief. These are mounted on magnetic bases and movement trays from Shogun Miniatures.

After finishing these I'll be shifting gears back to 25mm ACW.  With Sam Mustafa's Longstreet rules coming out this fall, I am embarking on, for me, a massive project where I'll be painting up over 100 Union and Confederate infantry.  I don't pretend not to be a man of little patience.  I like to see results. I like to get guys on bases and be finished.  The largest number of 25mm models I have painted and based in a single batch to this point is about 25...I'll have to key my eye on the prize with this bunch.

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