Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ACW Project Update

Since my gaming is going to be very limited for the next few months due to Thursday night swim meets, I am going to be limited to posts on what should shape up to be a several-month ACW painting project (and maybe an occasional post on terrain).

I have quite an eclectic mix of minis that will end up ordinary, rank and file infantry - about 60 - 70  Rebs and about 40 Fed. With my 40x40 infantry bases holding 4 minis (some 3 including a lying casualty), this will add between 28 and 30 bases to my armies, or close to 6 regiments worth. The lion's share are Sash and Saber with an even mix of Dixon, Redoubt, and Foundry...and one Essex I found in a box thrown in for good measure. Once primed in black (cheap Wally World or Home Depot for me), I slap on a base coat of flesh.  Since I like a bit of variety, I use all kinds of base coats with Foundry Flesh 5A getting the most work.

After each gets its base coat, I use a single highlight color (again, a lot of variety). For personalities I will spend more time by using a three-shade method.

Once highlights are completed, I give every model a splash of Citadel Brown Sepia wash (I think they now call their washes shades) over the flesh. In my opinion, this blends the shades a bit for a nice look. Then it's on to hair where I do everything from blonde to gray to black.  Except for black where I simply give a light drybrush of white right over the black prime, I use a 00 brush to pick at (for lack of a better phrase) the hair so to leave some of the black prime for shade. At this point I give a select few eyes (all Dixons and some Foundrys).

After all flesh is completed, I start drybrushing packs, brogans, belts, ammo pouches, cap boxes, etc. that will remain black with a very very light dusting of Delta Ceramcoat Hippo Gray.  I like it for bringing out the highlights of the leather.  Here is the rear of a batch of Sash & Saber Union infantry.

Following this, I do the same thing with items that will remain some shade of brown (primarily Rebel leather goods), but I will brush it on a little harder so it's apparent the color of the item is brown, but with a nice weathered look.  I do this with many Reb hats too.

I am starting to take more and more advantage of drybrushing, as for me it leaves a nice look on some items (primarily leather and reb hats) and it goes a lot faster than 2-shading. I like my infantry to get finished fast without sacrificing too much quality.

Here are a few more pics of the batch.


Rodger said...

Looking really good so far Jon!

BaronVonJ said...

Hey that Punkin' Head is waving at me!

Jon F said...

"Hi, Jaye. Like me jacked up right eye?"