Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Iron Brigade & Federal Cavalry

A few nights ago I put the finishing touches on a large batch of Union troops.  My goal is to eventually have a command stand for each of the five Iron Brigade regiments along with about thirty additional 40 x 40 'Black Hat' stands.  Theoretically, these 40 x 40s could be broken down into two stands each for use with Regimental Fire & Fury. In addition to those I've finished in this batch,  I have about ten Sash and Saber Iron Brigade Stands.  I'm about eight stands from my goal.

I've also completed twenty dismounted Union cav stands.  I'd really like to run a McPherson's Ridge game someday, so I figured I'd feature a part of the Gettysburg battlefield that Buford had 4 regiments (5 stands each) concentrated around the Chambersburg Pike.  Other than this scenario, not sure if these stands will ever see much action.

I have perfected a method of painting Union troops fairly quickly yet still pretty good looking, subsequently allowing me to finish these quicker than previous batches. This batch has just about everything under the sun including Sash & Saber, Dixon, Foundry, Redoubt, and even my first go at Front Rank.  For anyone reading this looking for tips on choosing lines to mix and match, stay away from mixing (at least on the same base) Redoubts and Front Ranks with smaller lines like Sash & Saber and Old Glory.


Glenn said...

These look very nice. You'd never know that they were painted quickly.


Jon F said...

Thank you, Glenn.