Friday, December 14, 2012

Confederate Cav

I know, I promised some WW2 stuff when I last left you...sorry.  Last night I put the finishing touches on a unit (mounted and dismounted) of Rebel cavalry that has taken a lot longer than I had hoped to complete.  First, I have found horses to be an endless, boring task, but they look great when completed.  Second, I recently purchased Foundry's Master Class book on painting and have been experimenting with different painting methods.  When I first started painting, I employed a single color base coat for the most part and used washes and Army Painter Quickshade for shading.  I find this method to offer a descent result, but not nearly as attractive as Foundry's 2 and 3 color methods.  At this point I am across the board when it comes to painting methods.  These figures are primarily done in 2-color, but if you look carefully you may see some drybrushing and some washes.

As for the lines of figs I used, most of the mounted are Perry plastics with a few Foundry tossed in.  The dismounted are a mix of Foundry and Dixon.  I find the Foundry line to be outstanding, but a bit overpriced.  I got a pretty good deal on several packs on eBay last year that I couldn't pass up.  I found an outfit in Tennessee unloading Dixons at 50 cents a pop.  Needless to say, at that price I have bought over hundred over the past year or so. As for Perry plastics, my mom taught me if I have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

 I think this fig would make for a pretty good Nathan Bedford Forrest