Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Santa has come and gone and I am left with lead to paint...about 88 minis to be exact. I received several packs from the Sash & Saber line including Union and Confederate regiment packs. Each includes 3 blisters of ten troops each in right shoulder shift. In addition there is a blister of ten command figures (3 NCOs, 2 officers, 2 color bearers, 2 drummers, and 1 bugler). These packs go for $45 each and each pose is different. In addition to the advancing packs, skirmish, Iron Brigade, Zouaves, mounted and dismounted cav, and arty pieces and crew are some additional products offered. For me, S&S is right up there with Foundry in quality and appearance. S&S wins with more variety of poses of their rank and file troops and the price is just over half that of Foundry, however Foundry offers a better variety of packs. I don't know how reliable the source was, but I've been told Chris at S&S is working on some new stuff. Well, I'm not going to get much painted by blogging, so farewell for now.

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