Friday, December 13, 2019

This Hallowed Ground ACW Playtest

Last night I hosted a few of the fellas to run This Hallowed Ground from Jay's Wargaming Madness. I've been following Jay's blog for several years and am always amazed by the moving diorama style games his group puts on and his beautiful miniatures. When he put his rules up for download on his blog a few months ago I jumped all over them. With ACW being my passion, I'm always up for trying new rulesets. With Christmas quickly approaching, we had a small group, so I set up a simple game with each side fielding two brigades and a large artillery battery. I gave each regiment a special rule or two and was left with two pretty evenly matched armies. We set up the table to have the primary terrain feature a large wooded area in the middle of the field. All in all it proved to be a pretty simple set of rules I found to play well and seemed to mesh some attributes of some other well-known rulesets on the market.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Road Trip To Shiloh Military Park

For years it’s been a dream of mine to take a road trip to Southwest Tennessee to visit the Shiloh battlefield with my dad. Several years ago we got the opportunity to visit Gettysburg, so this was a nice addition to our travels. Highly recommended, Larry DeBerry from Shiloh Tours was an outstanding host and a wealth of information on our tour of the park. In addition to being a guide, Larry owns and operates his own museum that features a treasure trove of amazing displays any military history enthusiast would appreciate.

31st Indiana Infantry monument along the Sunken Road

View of the Peach Orchard from the W. Manse George Cabin

W. Manse George Cabin

Position of Brig. Gen. Daniel Ruggles Battery. The largest artillery battery ever amassed on the North American continent. On the afternoon of Day1 of the battle, 55 Confederate guns fired on Federal positions on the Sunken Road.

The Hornet's Nest (Sunken Road)

Looking East along the Sunken Road

The Shiloh Military Museum