Saturday, March 21, 2015

ACW Clash

Thursday night the Baron was hemmed in, so I opened my doors to a few of the boys for a friendly Regimental Fire & Fury battle. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible since the new guy, Doug, would be playing his first game using these rules. With the complexity of the modifier system (among with other facets of the rules)  over the regular F&F rules, this game always seems to cause some consternation. I like these rules, so I'm hoping with a few more games under our belts, some questions answered, and some patience, others within our group will embrace the rules enough to enjoy them when we play them. I do believe the next time I host an ACW game, I'll use the simpler Black Powder rules to compare and contrast.

I chose to run a simple, generic scenario - all units being trained, equal force size, all commanders able. Minus a few rules disagreements, it was a fun evening.

Confederate and Union battle lines.

 A regiment on the Union right enters the cornfield.

Two Yankee batteries set up on the high ground.

Heavy fighting along the Union right as the Irish Brigade emerges from the corn. Yankee casualties would immediately start to mount.

Two large Rebel units would dominate the Union left along Matthews Road.

My daughter thought it would be fun for Benny to get in on the action.


Rodger said...

F&F rules are the only way to go for ACW! Great looking game!

Essjam said...

Jon, thanks for putting on the game. Your table and figs were gorgeous as usual. I will be interested to know what you find out on the forums about the one rules situation that got us bogged down.

Jon F said...

Thanks for the compliments, fellas.

Scott, I will get on the F&F forums tonight to seek clarification on the units in cover and the halving/quartering fire points questions.

BaronVonJ said...

Rodger, I used to think that, too.
Jon, everything looks great, but why does Doug looked pissed?

Jon F said...

I'm not sure what his problem was. Probably all the modifiers throwing salt in his game.