Monday, December 15, 2014

Scratch Build 25/28mm Cornfield

Who doesn't need a cornfield? I figured I'd better somehow come up with one - so what do you know, I made one. Actually this was another very easy project to complete, it just took a little time and patience. To begin, I cut several pieces of Sintra into 50mm x 50mm and 50mm x 90mm pieces.

After, I used Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste to texture and sprinkled with playbox sand.

I then used a dark brown acrylic to basecoat and drybrushed a very light-gray.

After I simply drilled holes and glued in cut pieces of Christmas greenery and painted the husks.

I like the flexibility of the two different sized pieces to accommodate even or odd based units.


Ivor Evans said...

Very good results! I've never heard of Liquitex, where do you find it? What about cost also?

Jon F said...


I got a 470ml jar at Hobby Lobby for a little over $13 (normally $22 but I used their weekly 40% off coupon). Liquitex makes a lot of paints and textures.

Ivor Evans said...

Much appreciated Jon! Did a little research and the closest Hobby Lobby from me is over an hour away - found it's available at Micheal's, which is only 10 minutes away!
Looks like it would be ideal to use to make muddy/dirt roads. Any experience trying Liquitex for that?

Jon F said...

Not on roads, but it I bet it would work really well. I have made caulk roads and they turned out pretty well (I'm soon going to try some caulk streams). This stuff is easier to work with than caulk but a lot more expensive. Wait for a Michael's coupon and you'll be set.