Sunday, December 14, 2014

McPherson Barn Semi Scratch-Build

As I continue to roll towards hosting a game every now and then, I have been eying a McPherson's Ridge RF&F game to baptize a break-down 9' x 7' table I have nearly completed. In addition to a gaming table, I've been amassing as much terrain as possible to be ready. My latest creation is a scratch-build 25mm reproduction of the McPherson barn that was made famous by the first day's fighting at Gettysburg. I couldn't find anything online in the way of something like a resin barn. I got the idea to build my own from some of the very nice foamcore structures the Baron has in his collection. This project started last week by simply sitting down and measuring out the wall panels on some graph paper. The structure is made of foamcore. The wooden planks are craft sticks, the stonework is cut from adhesive Micro-Mark sheets, and the roof is cut from Paper Creek shake shingle sheets.  All together, I have about 4 hours tied up in it. As easy as this was to build, I'll probably build some more historic buildings down the road.


Unknown said...

Really nice job Jon.

Jay said...

Nice modeling.

ColCampbell50 said...


Great looking work on the barn.

But a suggestion - the white letters on tan background make for difficulty, at least with these old eyes, reading your text. Might I suggest changing to black letters while keeping the tan background?


Jon F said...

Thanks to everyone for the compliments!


I agree, the white font is difficult to read against the light background. I have recently begun to overhaul my blog in order to make it more enjoyable for the reader and have been struggling to figure out how to make what would seem to be minor tweaks (unfortunately the post font is one that eludes me). Stay tuned as I promise to have it changed soon.