Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mounted ACW Personalities

I recently finished up some generals I'd been putting off doing because I loath painting horses. They are a mix of Dixon and Redoubt. I've expressed my dissatisfaction with the quality of Redoubt and these did nothing to change my opinion.  Most of the horse castings were just flat out bad and the riders were not much better, however, they are an improvement over some of the infantry and dismounted cavalry I've painted. I really hope Redoubt gets their molds cleaned up, as I believe they could have some nice stuff if they do.  What bothers me most is the condition they sent this stuff out in.

The Dixons, while they look like...well, Dixons, are fun to paint and in my opinion are very clean castings.  

Major General George Pickett

Lieutenant General A.P. Hill

Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest

General U.S. Grant

Major General John Buford

Major General John Reynolds

Major General William Tecumseh Sherman


Rodger said...

Lovely painting Jon.

BaronVonJ said...

Can't wait to see them die horribly on the battlefield.

Jon F said...

Me too (or at least the side I'm not on).