Saturday, September 21, 2019

Another Day In The Desert - Fistful of Lead Moderns

A little over a year ago I got another wild hair to embark on a new project - moderns. So with some quick use of the interwebs, I was able to track down the minis I'd need at Empress Miniatures and Spectre Miniatures. I rounded up some of the buildings at Recruits in Lee's Summit, Missouri last fall and built the rest by hand over the last several months. For the rules we used the Baron's labor of love, Fistful of Lead (Wiley Games). If you haven't looked into this card-activation set of rules, I encourage you to for its simplicity and versatility in being suitable for everything from ancients to moderns. This would be our first time using FoL for moderns and with some minor tweaks the Baron has captured another genre his rules will cater to.

A little over a week ago we put said rules and toys to the test. Two SEAL teams and one team of U.S. contractors would attempt to extract a captured high-value asset from an abandoned coalition compound being used as a base of operations by insurgents. Three insurgent teams would attempt to stymie the mission. FoL uses a special 52-card deck (including jokers) to individually activate each model per turn. If a joker was drawn, one of several scenario events from air support for the U.S. teams to an IED detonation for the insurgents would take place. 10-sided and 12-sided die are used for combat and tasks. With the help of some poor rolling by the insurgents and some lopsided team qualities (to be refined), the good guys would conquer on this night.

A Blackhawk surveys the area of ops prior to insertion

As tow teams make their way to the compound, a third team approaches in a Humvee

A CIA agent surveys the neighborhood.

Insurgents begin to flock to the sound of gunfire.

After sustaining damage from an RPG, a team spills from the Humvee to take up positions around the compound.

A SEAL canine would do considerable damage to the insurgents. After being wounded, patched up by a SEAL medic, and wounded again, it would survive the mission.

After a contractor/CIA team breached the compound wall, insurgents were not able to hold back the assault. 

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