Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wargaming Table

I thought I'd throw up some pics of the break-down table I built for games I host. Way back when I decided I would eventually host, I decided I'd need something I could disassemble and store when not in use. After looking at several videos and putting pencil to paper, this is what I came up with.

I decided to go with 1/4" plywood. It's cheap and light, however it requires a little more bracing. I cut three sheets down to 3' x 7' and glued/screwed the 1x2 bracing in place.

I drilled a series of holes along one side of two panels and both sides of one panel in order to bolt them together. I numbered each panel so when I lay them out I know which side butts up against the next.


I reinforce the entire surface when bolted together by bolting a pair of 2x4s across the panels. I numbered these attachment points.

Once bolted together and reinforced, I simply  lay the panels on a pair of 6-foot folding tables and clamp down to keep them from sliding (don't blow your back out trying to do this step on your own; get some help).

I chose for my first game to lay my mat (spray painted fleece) over my hills, but imagine I will place hills on top of the mat sometimes.


For me this is a pretty good alternative to having a table set up all  the time (which is not an option right now with kids that like to run around the basement). I also like the ability to use two panels if I want a smaller surface or eventually add more panels for a longer surface.


BigRedBat said...

A nice big table! 7' deep , you must have long arms. ;-)

Jon F said...

Simon, I wish, I'm not a very tall person, but my back has held up so far. I may need to shave a half foot off those panels sooner than later for some of our more seasoned men.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Jon, I can imagine! 6' is about as deep as I'd go, without a block and tackle system to lift up the players. ;-)

Jon F said...


I'm anxious to see the first system for gamers to float over a table using a Mission Impossible type harness and tether ;).