Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trench Build Complete!

After about three weeks of work the trenchworks are complete and table ready. With the exception of them being a bit angular (again, I plan to make to make some additional pieces to break up the lines), I am very happy with how this project turned out. In the future instead of piecing together each section like I did, which was a lot of work, I will draw out the entire system on one or two pieces of foam and cut the individual sections after they've been glued to the Sintra and shaped.

Gluing down the shoring and planking.

Stained wood. For this I used a 10:2 mixture of black magic wash and burnt umber ink.

 Shoring and planking dry brushed with Ceramcoat Hippo Gray and flocked.


I suppose I could use these for ACW late war stuff.


BaronVonJ said...

Trenches look great! Also like the new banner image and easier to read type.

Cluck Amok said...

Yup - trenches look good!

Rodger said...

Excellent result Jon!

Essjam said...

Great work Jon, can't wait to see them in play.