Friday, October 4, 2013

25mm Infantry Tutorial Pt. 5

Well, I've nearly completed this very large batch of infantry. I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I will not attempt a batch this large again as I get too bored. However, when all said and done I will have knocked out about 35 bases of infantry (or 70 for RF&F if I halve them).

Reb coats and trousers get a hap-hazard mix of grays, blues, grey-blues, grey-browns, and even some grey-greens, tans, and butternuts. Most of these except officers and color bearers are washed. Blanket rolls are primarily varied shades of tan and gray, and blue with a few reds and patterns thrown in for good measure. Most are two-shaded. Haversacks are a mix of the tarred black and off-white to dark tan canvas. Canteens are a mix of blues, tans, grays, and browns. Some packs and leather are left black, some are shades of brown. Paints are varied but primarily Ceramcoat and Vallejo. Flags are GMBs (the best in my opinion - I can't wait to get my hands on a set for the 14th Brooklyn I have on the way).  Stay tuned for a final installment.

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