Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Faugh a Ballagh

When I jumped into painting little lead men I decided I would eventually have to add at least a few regiments of the Irish Brigade to my collection. Well, here are the 69th and 88th NY. I figured from the get-go I'd model them after the ill-fated assault on the stone wall defended by the 24th Georgia at Fredricksburg.  At first I had a tough time finding a line that carried infantry in greatcoats.  I stumbled across Dixon first and then Redoubt.  Looking back I wish I had gotten my hands on some Foundrys instead of the Redoubts.  I have never been as disappointed in a pack of minis as these Redoubts.  The castings are absolutely horrible and it was a real grind to finish them .  On the other hand, the Dixons do have a funny look to them, but the castings are always as clean as any and are a cinch to paint.  As for the flags, in my opinion there are none finer than GMBs.  Not only are they beautiful, but Graham offers a zillion different ones.  First rate all the way.  The Body's Banners are quite nice too.  I will probably paint up a few more eventually along with a command stand for the 63rd NY.



 Broken scabbard means break out the styrene



BaronVonJ said...

Dixons. Pumpkin Head brigade forward! Just kidding. Look great, John.

Jon F said...

Lol! I thought you'd like those.

Lead Addict said...

Its prety amazing how good you have gotten in so few months. Keep up the great work. Following!

Jon F said...